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3D Archery Tournament

3D Archery is a great way to sharpen ones bow hunting abilities and perfect shooting skills. Typically set in the woods, shooters will be challenged to shoot 3D animal targets. The goal behind 3D tournaments is to train or practice one’s ability to train or practice one’s ability to judge yardage as it is done while hunting. Most tournaments are unmarked yardage, but it is not uncommon to have some or all yardages marked. Based on skill or other factors, such as gender and age, shooters are divided into different shooting classes. 3D tournaments are more than just about honing in on one’s shooting skills. It is a great way to get the entire family and friends involved in an activity all can participate in.

2020 (2nd Annual) 3D Bownanza Info Sheet.
2020 (2nd Annual) 3D Bownanza Entry Form.


  • Adults must supervise children at all times.
  • Start shooting from target 1 and shoot targets consecutively.
  • Do not skip targets. Otherwise, shooter will receive zero for skipped target.
  • You must shoot with another shooter for your score to count.
  • Only point bow at intended target.
  • Never knock an arrow until the intended target is clear of other shooters.
  • Stay on designated paths.
  • Look for arrows only after competition is completed for the day.
  • Do not proceed to target until targets on either side is finished shooting.
  • Draw weight should be such that shooters are able to draw and aim their bow with control and without undue physical discomfort.
  • Always insure that equipment is in good working order.