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Indoor Archery Leagues

We offer Indoor Archery Leagues three times a year during the fall, winter, and spring. Indoor Archery Leagues are geared toward shooters who are wants to perfect his/her shooter form at a competitive setting. Indoor leagues challenges shooter to be consistent on a week in week out basis and rewarding the most improved team of shooters. The NFAA 300 Leagues and Vegas Leagues are both available.

In the 300 League, the archers will shoot a total of 60 arrows at either single spot target or a 5 spot target with a maximum of 5 points per spot. The shooters stand next to each other at a distance of 20 yards. The shooter will be paired up with another shooter based on their handicap which will make up a team. Each team will shoot against each other during the 10 week period. A team can win four games per week based on the shooter’s actual score plus handicap. The team who accumulates the most points wins the league. The Vegas League is shot in a similar setting as the 300 League, but the archers will shoot a total of 30 arrows at either the single spot or three spot Vegas target with a maximum 10 points per spot.

Fall Indoor Leagues – starts Oct 7th and 8th

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