Basic Bow Setup

Includes installation of sight, rest, peep, stabilizer, quiver, time, d loop, and basic tune.

Basic Tune

Safety check, tune rest, adjust weight, adjust draw length, set timing and paper tune.

Super Tune

Basic Tune plus wax string, disassemble and clean axles, and lube limbs, and limb pockets, and chronograph.

Bow Service

Hourly Rate

String Installation w/ D-loop and Peep Installation

Cable Installation

Peep Sight Installation

Sight Installation

Rest Installation

Rest Installation (Drow Away)

Drop Away Cord Replacement

Adjust Draw Weight

Adjust Draw Length

Quiver Installation

Set Timing

Cable Guard Adjustment

Fiber Optic Replacement

Sight in Assistance

Sight Tape

Limb Replacement

Cam Replacement

Bow Press Time w/ Technician

String & Cable Set Up

String & cable installation, basic tune, peep sight and d loop installation

Bowfishing Bow Service

Bow Fishing Set-up

Installation of rest, reel, bow fishing sight, light, safety slide and no glove, and safety check

No Glove Installation

Reel Installation

Bowfishing Light Installation

Safety Slide Installation

Custom String & Cable Package

Includes Complete string and cable set, and no glove installation

Arrow Service

Arrow Cutting, Insert & Fletching installation

FREE with arrow purchase

Arrow Cutting

Fletching Installation

Wrap Installation

Insert Installation

Nock/Bushing Installation


Fletching Removal

Crossbow Service

Complete Setup and Sight In

Mount and Sight in Scope

Replace String

Replace Cables

Crank Install Installation

String Service

***We custom make strings and cables out of 452x string material, and we also order premium custom string and cables.

Premium Custom Strings and Cables Package

Includes premium custom strings and cables, basic bow tune, d-loop installation, and peep sight installation

Premium Custom String and Cables Deluxe Package

Includes premium custom strings and cables, Super Tune, d-loop installation, and peep installation.

Custom Strings for recurve, longbow, compound w/ steel cables

Premium Custom String – includes d-loop, peep installation

One Cam
Two Cams

Premium Custom Cable Set

Premium Custom Cable

Premium Custom Crossbow String & Cables

Reserve Center Serving

Reserve String - Loop End

String Stop Serving

D-loop Installation & Material

Nock Set Installation

Silencer Tie-In

Wax String & Cables