The students will learn the fundamentals of archery in accordance with the National Training System (NTS) which includes proper posture and alignment, aiming, the release, and follow through. They will also gain knowledge of archery etiquette and safety while having fun shooting arrows. This class is designed to create a solid foundation of knowledge and skill that will allow you to progress in the Archery in the School Program.
• Led by Level 2 USA Archery Instructor and Level 3 NTS Coach
• Must be 8 years and older to participate
• Genesis bows and arrows will be provided by Hoot & Holler Archery or students may use their own equipment
• Students will be issued stretch bands, and string bow
• Protective gear such as arm guard, finger guard, and finger or wrist sling will be required
• Dress Code: Proper Attire and Closed Toed Shoes
• Classes are limited to 12 participants and must have a minimum of 8 students to commence
• Course Fee: $80.00
• Call 318-747-6501 to stop by the store to sign up and pay
• Cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance prior to the first day of class for a full refund
• All participants must have a completed waiver form to participate
o Participants must be 18 years or older to sign or be the parent or guardian of the student


June 11th -15th, 1:00-3:00 PM